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CYL_Blue_WebBlue…The word brings to mind images of the sky, ocean, water. It conjures up feelings of tranquility and serenity and gives the mind a sense of depth and vastness. Blue is a favorite color for many things in our lives, from the car you drive to the clothes you wear. There is one place where blue can say more about you than any other part of your life, in your jewelry.

Artists often use blue to evoke a calm or introspective emotion. Several famous paintings underline this fact such as The Old Guitarist from Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period and Onement VI by abstract impressionist painter Barnett Newman.


The azure shade is used by designers to symbolize security, courage, perseverance and justice. For these reasons, a field of officially named “Old Glory Blue” is an integral part of the American flag. The same color is carried over to the wardrobe of several comic book superheroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Captain America, who uphold American values and fight “…a never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American Way”, a phrase made popular by the 1950’s TV Show, The Adventures of Superman.


America, although one of the most readily identified examples, is not the only country to utilize this contemplative hue on their flag and in their culture. Many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, and the United Kingdom boldly display the royal blue color on part of their flag. From art to national symbols, blue is a prevalent color across many different mediums.

In jewelry, blue stones, specifically blue sapphires, have been a constant favorite among royalty for centuries. One of the most well known engagement rings containing a blue sapphire center was the engagement ring Lady Diana Spencer received from Prince Charles of Wales on their engagement in 1980. The very same ring was used by her son, Prince William, to propose to Kate Middleton in October of 2010. That ring caused a major resurgence of desire for blue sapphires as center stones in engagement rings throughout the world.

Kate Middleton

Sapphire is of the mineral species corundum which comes in every color of the rainbow. Blue sapphire relates to a specific color range from very light to very dark violetish blue to greenish blue. Color has the greatest influence over blue sapphire’s value. The most prized sapphires display a medium-dark tone with a strong saturation and the lowest end commercial grade stones yield a light or dark tone with a very weak saturation.

Blue_SapphireBlue sapphires have not only been popular in jewelry design for their calming regal shade but also for their durability. Sapphire’s hardness rates as a 9 on the Mohs Scale (a scale for measuring a substance’s resistance to scratching), beaten out only by diamond, whose rating of 10 sets the bar by which all others are measured. It is a common misconception that this hardness in diamond means diamonds are indestructible. Diamonds and sapphires are very hard and resist scratching, but are not impermeable to chipping and breaking. However, their overall durability makes them the most prime candidates for the heavy, everyday wear of engagement rings.

Below are two recent pieces we have created for individuals that have colored their love blue.

The engagement ring in the image below was fashioned by a couple who loved the deep color of the 1.43ct, Medium-Dark, Violetish Blue, natural sapphire.

Ball, Brad01 copy

The story behind the 1.95ct, Medium-Dark, Moderatly Strong Violetish Blue, natural sapphire in the custom ring pictured below is a beautiful one. The woman who commissioned the piece utilized a blue sapphire for a singular reason, it was her husband’s birthstone. He suddenly passed from a heart attack. The ring was made for her daughter so that she would have a constant reminder of her father throughout her life, as she finishes college and Lord willing, will someday marry, raise her own children and hand this heirloom on to them.

Pfeiffer, Martha EC saph01 copy

From priceless fine art and common comic books to irreplaceable national pride and memories of loved ones, the color blue pervades both culture and personality on multiple levels.

So what about you? How would you Color Your Love? Click a color below and find out!
(More colors are on their way!)

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Image Sources: The Old Guitarist, Onement VI, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Kate Middleton


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