Is your jewelry really yours?

In light of recent reports of a local Greensboro jeweler being accused of switching stones in a customer’s jewelry, (the article and a link to the original source are provided below) we felt it necessary to provide you with the process we use, and have used for our entire fifteen year history, to safeguard customer’s jewelry and give them peace of mind.

It all begins with sound gemological training the staff at Diadem Jewelers hold current certifications of Certified Gemologist Appraiser from the American Gem Society (AGS), Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Registered Jeweler (AGS), and Gemologist (GIA). With these credentials from the top two gemological education and training institutions in the world, you can be assured that the information you receive regarding your jewelry comes from a solid foundation.

Secondly, major diamonds are carefully examined under a Gemscope (a binocular microscope specifically designed for professional jewelers). Under magnification of at least ten power (10x) one of our trained staff will draw a diagram of the most notable internal characteristics for identification purposes of the diamond as well as any metal work (i.e. prongs, bezels, bars, etc.) or other identifying marks such as laser inscriptions, on the back of the customer’s claim check.That drawing, called a plotting, is then provided to the customer. This is the only copy made of the plotting. Then the customer will look through the scope and verify the plotting is correct.

Once a repair is finished, the customer will return with the plotting, and go through the same process of examining their jewelry under the Gemscope and comparing it to the plotting on the claim check. If the customer is satisfied that the diamond is indeed theirs and matches the plotting, they will exchange their claim check for their piece of jewelry along with their payment for any goods or services rendered.

Lastly, almost all jewelry repair is handled in house. Any customer’s jewelry that we have for repair or awaiting pickup, is secured in our vault at the close of every business day alongside all of our store’s merchandise. In the rare instance that a customer’s repair must leave the store (for example a ring must be returned to a vendor) the customer is informed first that such a transaction must take place and the customer must provide approval.

These are the steps we take with every customer in order to address their legitimate concerns for the safety of their jewelry.

Find out more about the American Gem Society by clicking here.

UPDATE- 3/4/15 – 10:29pm
Repost from My Fox 8

Repost from WFMY My News 2 

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The owner of Custom Jewelers in Greensboro is facing charges after police said he switched real jewels with fake ones.

Greensboro Police arrested Antonio Pietrantozzi on Tuesday after an investigation into the business located at 2447 Battleground Avenue. According to a GPD representative, Pietrantozzi switched out a 3-carat diamond and two emeralds from an elderly woman’s jewelry.

Police said the woman’s daughter brought the jewelry to an appraiser after her mother passed away in January and learned the jewels had been switched out.

Pietrantozzi is charged with one count of Embezzlement Prop. Rec. by Virtue of Office/Employment and one count of Exploitation of Elder Adult or Disabled Adult, both felonies.

Police are urging the public to bring their jewelry to an appraiser if they’ve ever done business with Custom Jewelers.

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