A half-mooned overhaul


Meet Jane’s ring, it came in as a 14K white gold diamond and emerald three stone ring. The emeralds were heavily abraded (jeweler speak for scuffed, scratched and worn) and chipped. The prong tips all around were well worn and needed replacing. The center diamond had also seen better days, years of loving wear had taken it’s toll on Jane’s ring and it was time to do something about it.

Jane was looking for something new and different, she wanted to breathe new life into her ring and give it a serious update. She also wanted to use only the assets currently in the ring. Pieces like this are always a good challenge because you have to work with what is there and you can’t blow the budget by adding diamonds here, there and everywhere. Being sensitive to this, the initial layout and design was done by Sterling.


Jane liked everything about the first design accept the geometric halo top, it was a little to large and bold for her tastes. However, she absolutely LOVED the decorative scrollwork shank and the decision to recut her emeralds into half moons. After listening intently to her concerns, Micah sat with her and reworked a layout for the top, after a short while and several different layouts, he was able to interpret what she needed and wanted and translate it into the new layout. (below)


Once she was pleased with the redesign we sent out renders of the final design for approval. By leveraging the power of several different computer design programs we use in store, the final set of renders featured seven different color combinations that were possible, shifting different parts between yellow and white. The image below was the option she liked best.


A few weeks later the pieces and parts were polished, finished, assembled, polished again, and then set with the diamonds and emeralds and polished one last time before the big unveiling.


The final product was simply breathtaking. The emeralds that had started out chipped and broken had transformed into deep clear green pools of emerald wrapped in a warm golden blanket. The small accent diamonds that had been somewhat lost in the original ring had now been given a place to shine alongside the well protected, bezel set, center diamond. Jane was ecstatic and left with a stunning one of a kind piece that she can enjoy for years to come.

If you can relate with Jane and you have beloved jewelry that is past it’s prime, follow in her footsteps and start your own journey of jewelry transformation today.

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