Happy National Watermelon Day


During the summertime we love to gather around the grill and eat our favorites meals. Burgers, hot dogs, ribs, salads, desserts, etc. One fruit that you will most likely see at almost every cookout is watermelon, the sweet and refreshing fruit that almost everyone enjoys eating. In case you did not know today is National Watermelon Day, and in the gemological world, we have our own kind of watermelon. No, you can’t eat this one, but you can enjoy wearing it to all the cookouts you attend this summer and all of the summers to come. Lets take a look at watermelon tourmaline!

Watermelon tourmaline rough crystal with two slices, from Brazil.

earring water

Watermelon tourmaline is an interesting, multi-colored variety of tourmaline. Gems are usually fashioned in thin polished slices to display the crystal’s concentric color rings. If you use your imagination, the green and white represents the rind of the watermelon and the pink represents the sweet fruit. Incredibly, the colors of watermelon tourmaline are 100% natural, a rare occurrence in nature that makes the gem highly collectible. They make pretty, unique pieces of jewelry that can make anyone smile. Stop by our store to see our pair of watermelon tourmaline, and we hope you enjoy National Watermelon Day!


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