Diadem Jewelers Watch Service #2

Today we deal with POWER!

Power: Three ways watches use power: Mechanical

Hand winding: Baby Boomers know full well what winding a watch accomplishes. The subsequent generations don’t have a clue. So, to be just a little cheeky: That little bump on the side of a watch is called a Crown. It pulls out, or unscrews and pulls out so that the watch may be wound up to provide the power to the watch movement to measure the passing of time.

The tiny bump at the very top of the watch below is the “crown”, The two little triangles beside the crown protect the watch from damage to the stem and in some cases the tube that the crown screws down into. To power a hand winding movement simply rotate the crown in place. Generally turning it to and fro about 20 rotations will provide a full day’s power and keep accuracy consistent. If you choose to wear the watch occasionally,.. simply store it in a cool dry place. Its best if the watch is not wound when not worn (causes wear on the interior parts).

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Kinetic: Movement from the wearer powers the watch.

Inside the back of the watch of a “self-winding” watch, spins a “rotor”,.. simply a weight that generally is 1/2 the diameter of the watch (or less) that pivots around as gravity pulls on the weight. Once the watch is set,.. it needs only two or three winding rotations of the crown to get it moving and keeping time. Each time you move your hand/wrist the weight rotates and does the work for you. If you are active,.. the watch will have plenty of power to be stored in a cool dry place overnight and be ready to go in the morning.

Service for both of these technologies is generally every three to five years, a watchmaker cleans and lubricates the moving part and the owner enjoys consistent service. Today, these talented, patient, smart watchmakers are in high demant. Patience and perseverance are the assets needed for a true watchmaker. There are world class schools in america which will provide training and certification for the young person who would like to care for these heirlooms or fine, world class timepieces available today.

Our watchmaker is as busy as any,… and one of our last posts will be a bio on him and our history with him,…. yes, a long history: 1983 we worked together for the first time.

So,.. Go get grandpa’s watch and wind it up… enjoy world class mechanical technology. If it runs a little slow,… be patient, we can fix that problem! The picture below is my Grandfather’s treasured timepiece,.. made in america!

Next: The improvement of technology… electric watches.

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