Which Jeweler Do I Choose? 3 Tips Before You Even Visit

You google “jewelry near me” or “watches near me” and multiple options come up. Which do you choose to visit? Here are three ways to help you decide…

Google is your friend.

1. How many years has that jewelry store been in existence? In that location? 

A jeweler that has been open for many years, especially in the same location, is a good indication that the surrounding community appreciates them. If others have spent their money there for multiple years, then it’s likely the jeweler has built good relationships with their neighbors. Typically, this will also look like plenty of good reviews from multiple customers.

2. Is the Jeweler a part of a trusted industry network?

Take a brief look at the jeweler’s website to see if they are a part of either the American Gem Society or Jewelers of America. Jewelers of America was established to advance the jewelry industry and consumer trust. The American Gem Society is a network of jewelers that is committed to high standards of ethics and education, meaning they hold stores to a higher standard in taking care of their customers.

3. Does the store offer free jewelry cleaning?

This might take a phone call, but it’s worth it to see if the store offers free jewelry cleaning. It’s a great opportunity to visit a store with a low-pressure reason and observe how staff interact with their customers. Do you like the ambiance? Is chatting with the associate pleasant? Do other customers seem pleased with their service? Consider this your chance to be a customer without having to commit to anything.

If your choice seems to make a good impression with all three of these suggestions, find out more about the “3 Red Flags When You’re Visiting a Jeweler For The First Time”.

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