Who Am I?

Hello, I’m Brian, Store Manager of Diadem Jewelers since it opened in 1999.

While many of you know me, I am sure there are a few who may not. I serve as store manager, I am responsible for customer care, operations, promotions, customer-focused selling skill education, and vendor and public relations.

My over-arching responsibility is to see that the mission of Diadem Jewelers is fulfilled with each customer. Many of you will recognize the following from the back wall of our store:

The mission of Diadem Jewelers is to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in our business principles and practice, in order to provide for our families. We appreciate each opportunity to provide our customers with fine quality jewelry, professional expertise, and excellent service.

We accomplish the mission by doing what’s best for each customer. This means that I ask enough questions and listen carefully to the customer, so that I know what they need. I then provide service or merchandise that best meets the need.

Thank you to each person that has made it possible for us to serve our community for over 20 years.  

PS: Don’t tell anybody how I qualified for my manager position, you see I was, and still am a professional entertainer aka Tubbee D Clown.

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