How to Make Gift Giving a Special Moment

You’ve done the research. You’ve kept your ears open in case there was interest in any particular style. Now you have invested in the perfect piece of jewelry as a gift – Don’t let the moment you give it go to waste!

So how do you make that moment special? 

Step One: Have it nicely wrapped. 

Don’t be afraid to go over the top with this! There is no such thing as a gift wrapped “too” nicely.  Have a nice box for your piece of jewelry, wrapped in thick paper and ribbon. A wax seal on the paper gives it a final touch of sophistication. Place the gift in a nice bag with tissue paper, as it helps hide clues about what you purchased. Most fine jewelers will do this for you at no additional charge.

Step Two: Choose the location and timing.

If you’re on your way out the door and toss a gift bag to someone on the couch, it will come across as an afterthought or something you just had to “get over with.” If the person you are giving the gift to sees that you have been intentional with the location and timing, then your recipient will feel more special and important.

The more expensive the gift, the more effort you should put into planning. Giving your wife an $8,000 diamond necklace? Go the extra mile and go out for a nice dinner so the environment matches with the occasion. Surprising a girlfriend with earrings that cost you $100? They are the perfect surprise over a cup of coffee at your favorite bakery or on a walk at a beautiful park. 

Step Three: Choose the right words

You’ve picked the right gift, the right location, and the right moment – Don’t just lay the bag on the table, stare, and wait for your gift recipient to read your mind. Here are some ideas of what you can say to indicate that the surprise is for him or her:

  • “I wanted to wish you a happy birthday/happy anniversary by getting you something special.”
  • “I want to celebrate your birthday/ your promotion/ our first baby together with something that reminded me of you.”
  • “I really love you and want you to have this so that you will always remember.”

It doesn’t have to be an eloquent speech or more than a couple of sentences. Let them open the gift and give them a moment to react and try on the jewelry. After they have been able to give an initial reaction, give the rest of the explanation for why you chose that particular item for them. Such as, 

  • “When I saw it, I immediately thought of you! It really matches your style.”
  • “The beautiful color reminded me of your eyes.”
  • “I chose it because the gemstone represents our anniversary/baby’s birthstone/your birthday…”
  • “I chose something with three stones to represent us being together for three years.”
  • “I got this for you so you could look elegant on your first day with the corner office.”

By adding the explanation, it shows that you went above and beyond. You didn’t just cover your eyes and throw a dart at your final choice, but you took the time to really think about this person and what they would love and appreciate. And that is what transforms a shiny piece of jewelry into a token of your love! 

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And remember, we’re always here to help!

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