China Syndrome?

“there is a “Slow Train Coming “

Is the American Marketplace finally going to resist the cheap labor of China in favor of dependable hard working innovative american labor? I believe that this Corona Virus 19 quarantine will drive many American Businesses to shun Cheap Chinese Communist Labor ( CCCL ) in favor of Bring Home American Work.

Cheap Chinese Communist Labor ( CCCL ) CVD Synthetic Diamond Farm

I noticed an email broadcast today from one of my long time favorite AGS Ideal Cut diamond vendors headquartered in Arizona. The proprietor (left anonymous due to security concerns,.. after all he or she (H/S) travels to buy diamonds :-O ) hand picks the finest cut diamonds available two to three times each year in the international diamond markets, here at home and abroad. H/S has solid long time friendships in the world diamond market and offers small businesses like Royal Diadem Jewelers, LLC superb quality and fair prices for natural diamonds. They re-posted some very good facts about the Natural Diamond marketplace,… “We support arsenal miners and diggers and the good that diamonds do in their countries. We only offer Natural stones and don’t recommend or sell LGDs.

On the other hand (ironic during toilet paper hoarding 😉 the current state of the diamond market is falling in love with CHEAP CVD & HPHT synthetic Diamonds,.. with gobs of it coming from,…. drumroll please…. CHINA.

HPHT Diamond Press installation in China

Personally,.. the “MADE IN AMERICA” slogan rings TRUE in light of the current day small business challenges exacerbated by Big Business doing business with China. So,. go ahead blame me for directing your attention to the natural diamond marketplace and the people who are working to feed their families from work producing “Natural Diamonds”:

Poor Diggers in Angola

Natural Diamonds, the life blood of poor workers trying to feed their families face increased competition from Chinese synthetics !

Woman Diggers in Africa
Women Diamond Polishers in Botswana

Diamonds = Survival

Diamonds give back to poor communities:
Diamond Empowerment Fund School, Botswana

This is not a sob story. These are hard working people who love to work and have an opportunity to do so when most of their peers CANNOT WORK! Their countries have their own problems, yes, but not significant when considering the relationship we have with China. I’m not asking for a boycott, sullying the name of synthetics or that type of nonsense… but I am asking that customers consider the origin and the business model of the Genesis (yes biblical references made here often) of the materials used to make a lovely piece of jewelry locally.

Our store is a dinosaur when it comes to “old fashioned Christian ethics”, but our business practices are accomplished in real world, real time market places with real consumers. We participate in world class education and world class technology in the design and manufacturing of our jewelry to meet the customers needs.

So what is the issue? Glad you are still reading… Its all about American consumption and American production. Lets think a little more as a business person who supports American businesses, American Production of Materials and finished goods and the American consumer who we serve.

Yes! SERVE. After all,… “you’re gonna have to serve somebody,.. it might be the devil, it might be the Lord, but you gonna have to serve somebody”. And I bet Bob Dylan would agree:

You might be a rock ’n’ roll addict prancing on the stage
You might have drugs at your command, women in a cage
You may be a businessman or some high-degree thief
They may call you Doctor or they may call you Chief

But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed
You’re gonna have to serve somebody
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody

Bring the labor back home.

Sterling VanDerwerker CGA (American Gem Society) GG (GIA)

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