You imagine it, we create it.

That is the motto for our custom work here at Diadem. Whether it is hand crafted ceramics by a local Greensboro artisan (who happens to also be our owner and bench jeweler) or out of this world custom pieces that feature exotic stones like fossilized dinosaur bone, we do it all. Please browse some of our creations in the gallery below.

Royal Diadem Jewelers is honored to be the exclusive vendor of award winning designer, Phillip Gavriel in the area. From Greensboro and High Point to Raleigh and Durham, Diadem is the only place to find the gorgeous fashion forward inventory that Phillip Gavriel has to offer. His stunning bali inspired bracelets and unique colored stone earrings and pendants are a fresh and modern look.

As seen in publications like Elle, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue, and having received a prestigious Jeweler’s Choice Award from JCKPhillip Gavriel is a trendsetter for both men’s and women’s styles. Come by the store and see our hand picked collection from Phillip Gavriel or check out their entire inventory in our gallery below.

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The phrase, “They don’t make ’em like they used to,” is more true in jewelry than almost any other industry. The handmade jewelry styles of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s had character and class that most modern designers only dream of achieving. These intricately designed, filigree laden designs featuring bold colored center and accent sones can be found in estate sales and consignment shops but unfortunately generations of wear leave most of these pieces in unwearable conditions.

Enter, Beverly K. Collection. This dedicated group of designers and manufactures produce unbelievable vintage reproduction jewelry that rivals the designs of a beloved era in gold and platinum. They keep the customer first, offering fully customizable engagement ring and wedding band designs that support any shape and size stone. They also have the ability to manufacture any part of a ring in a different color metal, enabling complex two-tone and even three-tone pieces that are not merely plated but are actually produced in that metal.


If a man made wedding bands for men centered around what men like, you could bet they would be very manly indeed. Men like sports, cars, and hunting (just to name a few). They like bespoke objects and designs that live on the fringes of the unattainable. Whether it be the rush that comes from scoring the winning touchdown, or the surge from letting a performance vehicle off the chain, Lashbrook endeavors to bring the essence of these experiences into the wedding band.

A wedding band should say something about who you are, much like an engagement ring speaks volumes about a woman’s tastes and personality. Most men don’t give much thought to their wedding band past a feeling of obligation to wear one. Lashbrook turns that idea on it’s head giving men wedding bands made from materials like hand forged Damascus steel, carbon fiber, wood, cobalt, meteorite, featuring designs from urban skylines and camouflage to hardwoods and coordinates.

Men no longer have to be reticent about wearing jewelry or just settle for a plain band. With Lashbrook there truly are endless options and endless possibilities. Check out their website or come by the store to try on some of their revolutionary designs.

From Gabriel & Co. comes Amavida, which is translated “love for life.” It is a collection of fine quality engagement rings. The designs in this collection are contemporary styles which borrow elements from many styles and fashions, from vintage to modern.

Our in stock merchandise, consists of 18K white gold and Platinum semi-mounts that can be set and sized to fit the same day in many cases. The gallery below features a fraction of the many styles available from Amavida.  To see more styles or obtain pricing online please visit Gabriel & Co.’s website by following this link.

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